Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thank you AFPouncers for a great Pouncee Day!

Blue Purple Flower Pansy Czech Earrings Handmade Swarovski Spring OOAK by ShadowDogDesigns

Cobalt Blue Czech Glass Handmade Earrings Swarovski Jewelry Sparkling by ShadowDogDesigns

Beaded Druzy Gemstone Pendant Crystal Glass Bead Necklace Blue Silver by ThaddeusRose

Beaded Jasper Pendant Necklace Crystal Glass Beads Brown Black Copper by ThaddeusRose

Transformation - A Handmade One of a Kind All Occasion Notecard by walkinthewoodsllc

Herbal Rose Petal Toner - Handmade with Love for Mature Skin by walkinthewoodsllc

Id Badge Reel Pink Ribbon White Heart Breast Cancer Clip On Retract by PinkCloudsAndAngels

Beaded Lanyard Necklace For Id Badge Beach Shells Angel Heart by PinkCloudsAndAngels

Pacifier Binkie Clip For Baby Boy Basketballs Teddy Bear Handmade by PinkCloudsAndBabyBlue

Bib for Toddler Golf Daddys Little Caddy Embroidered Pullover Towel by PinkCloudsAndBabyBlue

Floral Pillow Cover in Celery, Aqua, and Turquoise Indoor Outdoor by JRsPillowsandBags

Luxury Floral Outdoor Pillow Cover Azure, Royal Blue, Lime, Teal by JRsPillowsandBags

Unique Turquoise and Silver Pendant with Cultured Pearl by GildedOwlJewelry

Silver Spiral Earrings Flashy, Sterling and Cascading by GildedOwlJewelry

Celtic Eternal Knot Green Crystal Chandelier Earrings Copper Handmade by PrettyGonzo

Horse Charm Picture Jasper Bracelet Turquoise Magnesite Handmade OOAK by PrettyGonzo

Handwoven Red Silken Scarf from Turkmenistan, Ethnic Tribal Vintage by craftsofthepast

Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Picture Panel Pendant Jewelry Element by craftsofthepast

Knitted Scarf and Hat Blue Denim Blues Yarn and white eyelash yarn by KallieJosCottonPatch

Baked Potato Cooking Bag Blue and Cream by KallieJosCottonPatch

Path of Knowledge Toonie Canada Two Dollar Coin Pendant Mint Year 2000 by dianesdangles

Copper Metal Hammered Cross Oval Pendant Blue Swarovski Crystals by dianesdangles

Purple Beads Shiny Medium Amethyst Handmade Lampwork Silver 042gfs by Covergirlbeads

Red Handmade Lampwork Beads Opaque Glass 9mmx6mm Shiny Silver 432gfs by Covergirlbeads

Bunny Flip Pet Collar Slipcover or Scrunchie Bandana Easter Spring by SewAmazin

Easter Bunnies and Chicks on Blue Gingham Pet Scrunchie Neck Ruffle by SewAmazin

Copper Hammered Clasp Interlocking Round Pair Handmade Jewelry by ShanghaiTai

Escape Copper Earrings Niobium Earwires Handmade Metal Clay Rectangle by ShanghaiTai


  1. Imagine my surprise when I followed an incoming link here. You are most welcome, and thank you for the nice surprise of finding my items in your blog! You must have been quick too, because I just pounced an hour or two ago.

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  3. Thank you so much, Cathy! Followed this link from the pounce thread and was thrilled to find two pairs of my earrings! You are most welcome for the pounces. Love promoting artists I admire. Will share this blog post everywhere once I get finished pouncing. Thanks again.